System Overview

If you are managing your environment based on system capability, you have the wrong system!

The Safe® is a safe deposit box management software application developed, owned, and marketed by MainSoft, Inc.

The Safe® offers the flexibility of the client server/PC environments combined with the speed, efficiencies, and interface capabilities of a mainframe.

Take advantage of the tools provided by The Safe® to increase your safe deposit box income. In many banks, the income potential of safe deposit boxes is an overlooked asset. The Safe® deposit box management software can help you turn this overlooked asset into income.

Turning your safe deposit boxes into a profitable asset is a tough job but it can be done.

Let The Safe® help you:

  • Identify and control your box inventory
  • Improve invoicing
  • Recognize lost income potential  in the form of late fees, setup fees, key deposits, and drill fees
  • Identify and manage discounts, waived fees, and missed income
  • Automate compliance issues to minimize branch exposure
  • Plan sales and marketing strategies
  • ...and much more!


The Safe® provides multiple levels of control and organization with override capability at each level. You may, for example, define your pricing schedule at the corporation level but override those schedules for a particular branch, or box size within a particular branch, or even a particular box within a particular branch.


The Safe® will accept virtually unlimited box sizes with varying prices, discounts, and promotions.

Unlike other safe deposit box systems, The Safe® allows for multiple pricing schedules against which unlimited discounts may be applied. All bank customers may be charged a flat rate of $30.00 for a particular size box but be allowed discounts depending on their relationship with the bank. For example, one customer may have investment accounts, checking and savings accounts, and an established relationship with the bank. This customer may qualify for a larger discount than a customer that has only a demand deposit account. Both customers would be charged the same base rate, but the discounts applied to each customer would be different.  This allows your institution to identify the value of the discounts being issued.

  • The Safe® supports both flat rate and unit pricing (a rate per inch, foot, centimeter, etc.).
  • The Safe® supports effective date pricing and discounts.
  • The Safe® supports both add-on and stand alone discounts.
  • The Safe® automatically bills for rental renewals, fees, taxes, etc. based on Control File definitions.
  • The Safe® supports fixed date, anniversary date, and cycle billing.
  • The Safe® supports both auto debit and invoice billing.
  • The Safe® allows pre-billing for both automatic debit accounts and invoice-billed accounts. The pre-bill parameters may be different for each type of billing.
  • The Safe® supports both accrual and cash accounting methods.
  • The Safe® supports the charge, collection, and reporting of multiple levels of taxes (state, county, city, etc.).


Activities normally performed at the branch are consolidated in one easy to use menu. From this menu, branch personnel can rent boxes, make billing changes, check customers into their boxes, close a box, drill a box, add a customer to a waiting list for a particular box size, transfer a rental, and much more. The activities accessible from this menu are defined on the Control File and, if desired, may be customized to the individual user level.


The user has the ability to define client specific transaction codes to be used for each debit or credit.

Payments may be electronically captured and automatically posted to The Safe® or payments may be manually entered through the terminal using The Safe's® batch entry process.

The Safe® supports centralized and decentralized payment processing.

The Safe® supports automatic posting of payments received at the time or rental. There is no need to open a batch to record the receipt of the payment because the system can automatically create the transaction.


The Safe® provides hard copy batch control reports, audit trails of on-line changes, transaction journals, billing journals, master lists, general ledger reports, and a run-to-run balancing recap report in addition to user controlled and requested reporting.


A great deal of consideration is given to on-line reporting. Extensive box and customer inquires are available. A "to do" list is updated each day for the branches that lists boxes needing special attention. Statistical analysis reports are available for all hierarchical levels. Listings of rented and available boxes, rentals by customer type, rentals by box status and various other informational listings are also available online.


The user may request multiple copies of management reports; establish the frequency for accounts receivable reports, trial balances, drill reports, past due reports, etc.; and, customize the selection and sort capabilities of each report.


The Safe® allows you to design your own forms and reports on-line.

The Safe® will merge the skeleton form with data from the box and customer files to create a unique bill, past due form, or letter for the customer.

If you prefer to use an external forms generator, The Safe® will extract the customer information you need and provide it to your external system for you.

The Safe®'s flexibility allows your institution to do business based on the existing procedures, corporate policies, and practices, NOT system capability!

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